Saturday, January 14, 2012

Remember to Clean Up

I was going to add this picture to a post about sexy Marvin the Martian costumes after seeing it on the web.  So it's been sitting around on my desktop for weeks.  Isn't she fetching?

But during the time between saving the picture, and this post, I helped a friend troubleshoot a web app.  What the two things have in common is that I tested the upload functionality of the app repeatedly, using this image of Ms. Martian.  So when all the files were dropped back into Dropbox, there were probably 100 copies of this file (part of the upload process was to tag the files with a numeric portion so there wasn't duplication, even if two people uploaded Readme.txt) in the mix.  The Dropbox folder was shared with the friend's client.  Fortunately, while sitting around reading, some part of my brain thought about the picture.  And then I thought about testing the app.  And then I drew the line from A to B (B1..B100).  I'll be interested to know if Dropbox prompts the client with "100 files removed from Dropbox."

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