Monday, January 16, 2012

Reason 1000 or so not to own rental property

I think we're truly slum lords now.  If the big "bitch" on the wall wasn't proof enough, perhaps the fact that there's so much trash next to the house is (I did pick up trash when I was there in the fall.  This is new trash).  And no, the renter didn't send us a photo of the graffiti.  I heard about it from my neighbor (who owns the rental house next door) who drove Eryn and I to coffee this morning when he caught us walking because Pooteewheet had both sets of car keys.  His ex-wife (who helps with the rental properties) sent me the photo. So tomorrow I get to talk to the Apple Valley police and then try to find matching paint that will no doubt peel off because it's too cold to paint. But will at least obfuscate the word.  I'd have been down there today, but my new project at work was kind enough to have a prod issue and a developer on pager unreachable by pager.  I'm not looking forward to de-bitching in the dark.

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