Monday, November 28, 2011

Two married oceanographers...

Two married oceanographers, Marine and Stratus League.  One deep sea research sub containing two single person reinforced mini subs for even deeper exploration, beyond where anyone else has ever gone.  The kicker, they want a divorce, but their careers can't afford it.  Will their romance be rekindled by the dangers of the deep?  Or will they learn to love again with the advice of their two gay crew members?  Who gets the kids? Who gets Jeeks the dolphin who accompanies them on excursions and gets them out of tight binds?  Lost cities! Espionage! The giant albino kraken that haunts them in their travels!  Join us for an 80's style marriage adventure comedy, Two Leagues Under the Sea!

This was my dream last night.  Enjoy the madness that haunts my sleeping hours.

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Anonymous said...

So what is the outcome or is that for future Blogs!