Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Other Univeral

Between the days at Islands of Adventure, we went to Universal Studios.  The area with Shrek, Jaws, Terminator 2, the Simpsons, and the sorts of rides I remember from being a kid at Universal in California.  I think Eryn was originally dubious about why we'd want to spend time there when we could be going back to Harry Potter, but she ended up having a great time.  Particularly on the interactive rides like the "make a movie" ride with Christopher Walken (nice orange sneakers!) where they film members of the audience and make them part of action-adventure movie/train ride.  Or the MIB ride where you shoot at aliens with a laser gun.  She's all about laser tag.  My favorite was the Simpons' ride, where you don't really go anywhere, but the roller coaster car you're in shakes and rattles as the walls move around it, and giant screens make you feel like you're on a hell of a roller coaster ride that includes being chewed on by a giant Maggie.

Pooteewheet and Eryn not too long after the Jaws ride.

I got in trouble for spray painting on a wall.

Who's a dingus?  Eryn's a dingus!!!

After a day of rides, we went to Hard Rock for dinner.  Not my usual choice of faire, but Eryn wanted wings, and I was pretty sure that was the closest place with good wings.  This picture is for Kyle.  It's Alanis Morissette's harmonica, next to a picture of her playing a guitar.  And it says she used it for a hand in my pocket, but if you're playing harmonica, then your hands can't be in your pockets.  It's all very ironic.

Eryn wanted a picture next to Pete Townshend's guitar.  Or what was left of his '73 Gibson Les Paul.  I quote the Hard Rock Orlando description that it is, "a testament to the raw energy and aggression of The Who's brilliant guitarist and songwriter, Pete Townshend.  A landmark instrument, it was immortalized in the famous print ad for the film The Kids Are Alright.  The ad featured Mr. Townshend (at the Newcastle Odeon) with the guitar over his head moments before it was reduced to it's current condition.  The caption read, "This Guitar Has Seconds To Live."

That said, this isn't that guitar.  The waitress led us astray.  But it is pieces of a Stratocaster Townshend smashed in 2002 during a concert in which he played The Kids Are Alright.  Tomato/tomato.

The usual Universal Globe picture you have to take when you visit.  The stuffed animal is "Patch."  Eryn won it playing head to head whackamole against Pooteewheet.  No one else would play and they guy felt bad for her because she'd been there for ten minutes without a challenger.

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