Sunday, November 27, 2011


Old Chicago shows me this picture when I go to their website. I'm glad this guy doesn't hang out at my bar.  He looks like a tool.  They're encouraging douchery by showing him with two women, while the guy behind the woman in pink is just joking with the bartender about color coordinating beer and is all alone.  Unless he's gay. But if he is, he's still alone, which is sending a message.  And I think this picture just tells one of those sad love stories.  Girl in pink likes guy, is trying hard, getting all up in his chair space.  Drinking with him and hoping he'll "take advantage" of her even though it's a set up.  But guy is more interested in chesty brown shirt girl, and is trying so hard not to look at her chest that he won't even acknowledge yes, she did eat a lot of wings.  Meanwhile, she won't even drink a beer because she doesn't want to find herself in a beer goggles situation at the end of the night where he looks as much like Brad Pitt to her as he does to himself.

They should have spent more time thinking about their advertising message.

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