Thursday, November 10, 2011

Berlin Wall

One of my favorite things about geocaching is that it often takes me to somewhere new that I otherwise wouldn't think to visit, even when that someplace is a few feet from where I'm standing.  Our last day at Universal Studios, I made sure to catch the virtual cache (no box, just a location) in the shopping area before we left for the day.  What surprised me was that it was only a few dozen feet from where we'd been eating the night before.  Not just a few dozen feet from the Hard Rock itself, but a literally a few dozen feet from the back of the restaurant near where we'd been sitting.  You spend so much time looking around at the guitars and jackets on the walls that you don't think to just step out the back doors.

So while my wife and daughter were busy scoring a piece of banana cream pie from Emeril's, which she hadn't had since we went to New Orleans before we had Eryn, I got to touch a piece of the Berlin Wall.

Click through and you can select the large or original picture size if you want to read the plaque.

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