Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Kyle, perhaps we could get Ming to go to Trollhunter to make up for all the movies he's missed. Ain't It Cool News calls it "Pretty Darn Spectacular!" And it's obvious the heads on the trolls don't stop at one, nor at two. And just because they show three heads, doesn't necessarily mean it stops there. That's just the trailer. It's at the Riverview September 30th through October 6 at 9:20 p.m.


Pete said...

I noticed it's also out on DVD. I saw it a few months ago and REALLY enjoyed this one. Likely the best "monster movie" in ages to be honest. It's fun, a bit silly, and the scenery is really nice. :)

Kyle said...

I saw this on the Riverview schedule and was going to ask you about it, but you beat me to it. Definitely looks like it would be fun to watch on a big screen. I can't go Friday or Saturday, but any of the other days would likely work for me.