Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Mean Mr. Mustard told me at breakfast after the St. Paul Classic that I was pushy. I pointed out that it was necessary, I wasn't waiting for hypothetical church goers to steal my chair. But I've come to realize I'm a bit more "get it done" since I've been a manager for two years. If you phrase it in a particularly positive manner. Case in point. Today a PM came in to talk to me to tell me that another PM I work with was holding up her ability to get estimates on a growth project and wanted to put the estimates off indefinitely. My response, "Tell him in a less sexist manner, 'Man the hell up, and find the time.'" I sound more like my last boss every day. When he came back to me to tell me there wasn't time after I stepped in before the other PM had to reiterate my advice, I said, "Make it happen." I'm either drunk on power, or a dick. Probably a bit of both. On the other hand, the PM I like and the developer who rely on me got what they need, and that's important, even if it means I have to be a dick.

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