Monday, August 08, 2011


I recommend Marwencol, which you can watch on Netflix streaming.  Particularly if you like videos about people who reside somewhere between eccentric and crazy.  The movie is about Mark Hogancamp, who was beaten up by five men outside a bar so bad that he had brain damage and forgot many parts of his life prior to the beating.  In order to cope with his anger about the beating and his previous alcoholism, Hogancamp sets up a WWII town called Marwencol behind his trailer, and proceeds to act out his anger and inability to interact by using 1/6 scale dolls and cars, including Nazis and Barbies, that represent people in his life.  The movie is a great intersection of creativity, brain damage, stalking, fetishism, and introspection, and a far more interesting tale than that of Dibs and his play therapy.

I particularly enjoyed the quotes, "I was the only man in a town with twenty-seven Barbies."  And, in reference to one of his characters using a time machine, it's an "old VCR that ate one of my best porno tapes."  There are other surprises that I don't want to ruin.  You can find many pictures from Mark Hogancamp's town of Marwencol here:

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