Thursday, June 09, 2011

Workplace Weirdness...

I should preface this by saying that nothing I'm ever up to causes nearly the sort of issues that the in house salsa/pepper eating contest involving ghost chilies seemed to cause.  I've heard descriptions of the event from several independent sources, including Jon who was personally involved, and they border on the verge of becoming some sort of in-house legend/lesson-learned.  So noted.  No chili eating contests.

For my part, I've taken up with a group that has a bad habit of playing the chair game, which involves resetting the adjustable chairs when no one is looking, resulting in arms that in the wrong place, or finding yourself about eyeball level with your keyboard.  I offered to find one of my leads a separate chair so he could appropriately adjust it and leave it in a hidden corner to avoid constant resets.  They also mumble about The Game, which I understand, but refuse to play.  And of course, I went planking.

Recently, and I trust Ming not to share this as I don't want to ruin the ad hoc enjoyment of a coworker, I discovered a sign on the vending machine not too far from my office commenting on the impact to productivity caused by the machine not working.  The next time I walked past, I contributed a piece of ad hoc art.  I told Pooteewheet about it, and she was extremely disappointed that I hadn't taken a picture.  So I was pleased this morning to kick it up for her as one of my coworkers had discovered it and posted it on Facebook, not knowing it was me.  I'm going to put "Draws evil snowmen and pugilistic unicorns" as a bullet on my resume.  It might weed out a few employers without a sense of humor.

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