Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Forgotten Grandma Photos

I don't think I posted this after the trip from Denver to Sidney, as Pooteewheet pilfered some of them for Facebook, and that can trick my brain into thinking I already said something about them.  But better late than never, particularly as my father can find them online and share them with her.

While we were getting grandma settled into the trailer, Eryn set up her sculpture garden for her.

The squirrel in the front is new.  When we were at the grocery store, Eryn picked out a new addition.  She had several choices, but felt the squirrel was best.  Grandma was exceedingly happy to get a new animal that Eryn picked out herself.

A different view.

Eryn also got a new sweatshirt.  I was worried that it was white.  And too big.  But she's always growing, so the size wasn't as big of an issue.  It looks really nice on her and she looks just like an official Sidney Eagle.

Grandma (Great Grandma) and Eryn right before Grandma drove us to Williston in the rain storm that later turned into several inches of snow.  I believe there's an 88 year difference between the two of them.  Pretty neat to have a great grandma who's still moving and can hang with you at that age.

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