Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This is a shout out to Tall Brad and Mike who told me a story about a woman at work who had dual colored pants. On second look (or fourth, knowing Tall Brad), it seemed like she was also possibly sporting a thong, which was obvious via the split in her pants that Tall Brad had to inform her about.

This morning I was riding the elevator to the fourth floor with two contractor representatives. As we're heading up to up to talk at the corporate cafe, someone on the elevator taps me on the shoulder. "Excuse me," says the woman tapping my shoulder, "but did you know your shirt is inside out?"

And it was. When I noticed my t-shirt under my shirt was longer than the sleeves of the outer shirt this morning, I flipped it off and put on a shorter-sleeved undershirt, and then put the shirt back on without turning on the lights. Inside out. I'm sure that made a great impression on the folks who wanted to place contractors with us. They seemed genuinely amused that I needed to stop at the first restroom to resolve the issue.


TallBrad said...

At least they didn't tell you your thong was on inside out.

Scooter said...

Fortunately, I don't wear underpants, so that's not a problem.

(that's not true - the one time I forgot underwear when I biked in, I made my wife bring me some).