Sunday, May 22, 2011


Since January 10, my diet calendar says I have:

Ingested 255,073 calories
Burned 397,313 calories
For a net of...-142,240 calories

/3500 = 40.64 pounds.

Actual weight loss, if I was right about my starting weight, is between 39 and 41 pounds.  Obviously my tracking system is working fine.  I slowed a bit in April, partially due to a vacation full of beer drinking, bbq, manicotti, and tacos (I recommend not eating patty melts - no matter how you factor it, they're Satan's calorie delivery system of choice), but May has seen about x2 the calories chewed up per day on average.  Partially because of bicycling.  Partially because of better eating.  I did buy a quart of chocolate chili ice cream today and I'm tempted to put the calories for the whole quart in today, just so they're a non-issue for counting purposes, but I suspect that's the kind of accounting that got Enron in trouble.

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