Sunday, April 03, 2011


Eryn has been playing with the Kinnect at Best Buy for the last month and asked if it was something we could get.  I made her the offer that if she paid for the Kinnect (which I valued at $120 before really paying attention), I'd buy her an Xbox for her birthday.  It gets rid of a little of her "surplus" money and gives her a stake in the gamebox so she feels like it's something she really owns, not just something we bought her.  I remember co-purchasing our Atari system with  my brother and paying for my own tennis racket - both objects had a vetting process before you were allowed to touch them.  Eryn's a bit more free with her objects d'art than Drew or I were, however, and she's already had Cookie Queen's children, her friend Morgan, and both neighbor children over to give the Kinnect a test drive.  We picked it up early so she has a chance to get good at the Kinnect games before her birthday slumber party.

It may have been the crash course in Kinnectosity that led to her inability to fall asleep last night.  She got so much exercise jumping in Kinnect Adventures and dancing, that her legs hurt.  And she had a complete breakdown about 1:00 a.m. until Pooteewheet got up and moved her to the basement bed.  Both of them were supposed to go to Capital Grill for breakfast with me this morning, but I just left them asleep and went myself to meet Ming and Logan at 7:30.  I was surprised Eryn got as far as she did on the bicycle today.  We biked all the way over to Gamestop so I could buy two adult games (with a side trip to share a burrito at Chipotle).  All that Kinnect jumping s*** is hard on me.  I picked up a copy of Fallout 3, which Pooteewheet is happily playing.  And I picked up a copy of Oblivion, which I'm going to play.  I played the last Elder Scrolls game, Morrowind, before Eryn was born.  I liked the controls for the PC better, as it was easier to use a mouse hand and a keyboard hand to control direction.  The Xbox control isn't as intuitive.  But I figure it's one of those things you get used to over time.

So we should be good for entertainment at my house for a good long time even if no new games show up for Eryn's birthday.

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