Monday, April 11, 2011

Kinect for .NET

Can anyone tell me if I have to buy a special cord - e.g. this one - in order to hook my daughter's Kinect to my Win7 laptop so that I can code against it for fun?  I told Pooteewheet I'd like to code up a game based on obscene gestures and I mean to do it.  In particular, I'd like to code an app that tells you what binary value you're holding up if you flash it a few fingers.  I suspect that might be too granular, but it would be fun to try.

I got the drivers and code installed today, only to discover I couldn't plug the thing in.  I put a question out to the guy who presented at Code Camp yesterday (I missed it - I was at another presentation), but haven't heard back yet.


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KellyCoinGuy said...

You need the special usb power cord that comes with the Kinect when you buy it separately from the XBox. Apparently, some of the Kinects that are bundled with the XBox don't have this cord. Buy the Kinect separately, and you're almost sure to get the right cord (be careful of this, especially on Ebay)...