Sunday, March 27, 2011

Know Her? Why, Sometimes I Poker!

My father-in-law invited me to play quarters poker with him and his friends Jerry, Lee, Tom and his brother Lloyd.  I'd done it once before, and it's a good time.  I can accurately relate how the 10 of Diamonds, Queen of Spades game works.  If you have the 10D, you can force everyone to throw back their cards at any point up until the bet on the 7th card (2 down 1 up deal, and then 3 more up, and one more down, for 7).  If you have the high hand, you get half the pot.  If you have the queen of spades, you get half the pot.  Very easy.

The pyramid of quarters game is downright peculiar.  Make a stack of quarters with rows from 1 to 5.  Take two cards.  Two lowest cards (2-3) get half the pot.  Two highest cards (A-K is lower than 2-2.  A-A is highest) get half the pot.  You can trade a row of your quarters for one card by throwing a card.  Angling to be t he best hand, but incrementally paying more.  If you use your last row, everyone at the table (who doesn't fold) pays an extra four quarters (a dollar).  Pot gets big pretty darn fast.

I walked a way a bit to the good and gave all my quarters to Eryn.  I think she came out with $30-$40 in quarters.  She seemed pretty happy, considering I only owed her $4 from borrowing some of her money to pay the ice cream shop with cash.

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