Tuesday, March 29, 2011

iPad App Review - What I Use

I blogged once before about some of my favorite apps on the iPad, but it's time for a reassessment of what I play with most often:

Kindle - love it.  I read at lunch most days.  I try to find a big book so it lasts a while.  So far I've read A Short History of Nearly Everything, The Gone-Away World, and I'm finishing up Pandemonium.

Zite - I like the news feeds, particularly the programming feed which prevents me from having to pull together my own set of feeds.

Pulse - good for reading the Daily Afternoon Randomness on The Chive.

Facebook - I do most of my Facebooking from the iPad.

Ping.fm/Twitter - I do most of my Twittering from the iPad.

Exoplanet - because you never know when a new planet might show up that you want to emigrate to.

Dropbox - file sharing between all my machines. I use it obsessively.

Netflix - for obvious reasons.

Words with Friends - sometimes I have up to half a dozen games going.  95% of the people on Words with Friends suck.  Kyle is good.  I've met a few people who are challenging.

NS Hex - took me quite a while to figure out this challenging game.

Small World - don't play it as much as I used to, but a solid board game.

Wesnoth - if you like Might and Magic style games, this is pretty much the only one.

Carcassone - good rendition of the board game.

The Game of Life - better than the board game.

Tichu - cards games have better longevity than most games on an iPad.

Kingdoms - my latest obsession.  Incredibly difficult for a game that takes a few minutes to play.

Shredder and iChess Pro - pretty much equivalent for Chess purposes.  I usually lose.

Toontastic - for Eryn.  Teaches story making/structure while allowing her to create her own cartoons.

Food Apps - I like Epicurious (after it got rid of some of its bugs), AllRecipies (not as much depth, but very easy to use), BigOven (GREAT recipies), and Whole Foods.  Pooteewheet can attest I make a wider variety of food owning these apps.

Calorie Counter - down 32 pounds and counting.

Pandora/iPod - music

Star Walk - pretty, and always fun to come back to.  Coupled with the NASA app, these are a nice set.

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