Monday, February 07, 2011


I found this Tiobe Software programming community index fascinating.  I wouldn't have guessed C and C++ outdistanced C#.  Or that Groovy was all the way down at 36.  I might have guessed VB.NET was .263%, but I know at least two people who can program in VB.NET, so that puts me well above that number in my "community".

Thoughtworks has an interesting pdf talking about the state of software as they see it.  The death of Java?  Really?  I don't see it.  Then again, my company loves Java, and I don't always trust their technical direction. Is that a horrible thing for a manager to say?  I trust MY technical direction and I'm part of the company, so perhaps that suffices.

These HTML5Rocks slides, which are written in HTML5/CSS3 and both explain and demo the HTML5 features, are cool.  I recommend Chrome if you're headed over there to check them out. I just finished Brian Hogan's HTML5 and CSS3 - the book and the web site complement each other nicely.

Tall Brad sent me this link about spelling autocorrect humiliating people.  People should be humiliated if they can't spell.  Enjoy.

Danny MacAskill video from my parents.  BIKE GEEK!  Sweeeeet...  Background music is Wax and Wire by Loch Lomond.  Even sweeter.

What kind of nut pays money to bike up Mount Lemmon?
(pilfered from Google)

Kyle is searching for flatulence deodorizers. He found one.

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