Sunday, February 13, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance

Eryn and I went to the Rosemount Daddy Daughter Dance on Friday. In the past, the Valentine's dance has been hosted in Eagan, but this year they combined with the southern version. It was bigger, that's for sure, with about twice as many little girls running around, but it was also not quite as interesting because of the size, and because they ditched the cloth rose and teddy bear for the kids. Not that I think Eryn needs yet another rose or teddy bear, but because after giving them to the kids for years, they were noticeably absent. But we had fun. We danced and decorated cookies (crowns that looked sort of like someone flipping you off), played a bean bag game, and had our picture taken of us dressed up.

Here's Eryn in her crown with her wand, trying to look like she's not really sleepy.

Decorating one of the cookies at the frosting/cookie station.  I worry about the sanitary level of the frosting given so many little girls were sticking their fingers and knives in it, but it wouldn't be the first kid spit in my space, and it won't be the last.

Here she looks sleepier.  The hair pulling usually means she's thinking about something.

This guy was there with his daughter or grand daughter.  I think he looks like an evil Mark Twain pulling a gun.  Don't mess with Mark Twain.  He could bury you with words.  He's probably reaching for a pen to write a scathing account of my dancing.

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