Sunday, January 02, 2011


My sister discovered Skype.  So I thought it was time I posted a few photos from recent Skype sessions:

Ming, trying to break the rumors/stereotypes about Malaysians.  This is his idea of "really really big".

My Dad.  Obviously unfamiliar with how Skype works.

e and daughter, e-jr.

Babies love the camera.  It's delicious and fun to smudge.

My niece, happy about her new shirt.

Her new shirt, a unicorn pooping marshmallows.

My niece, channeling Eric Conveys an Emotion.  I believe in this photo she's being a haughty, evil queen.

This is her crazy look.  She also had a big-pimpin look where she was showing me a roll of benjamins, but I lost the photo.

My sister and her girls, a totem pole of sorts.  Although it's more Mount Rushmore-ish.  But I can't think of a Mount Rush-blank joke that's funny at all and, even if I could, it'd probably end up being inadvertently racist.

LissyJo, NO DUCKFACE!!!  (alt. no duckface link at The Chive).

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