Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Giant F-ing Snowstorm

That snowstorm sucked.  My official tally was six shovelings of from 1-6" each time.  According to the weather news, we got somewhere around 15-16".  I know it was bad because my back still hurts, and I had the urge this morning to take a tape measure to the driveway to see if I could figure out how many pounds of snow I'd actually lifted.  Then I thought, "I'd just have to take into account the differing densities of fresh snow versus snow plow toss up, and the varying lifting power between the original one foot lift and end state five foot+ lift.   Supposedly, 15 minutes of lifting snow is moderate physical activity.  Might as well have been rowing for hours.

But it made for some good pictures and video.

Mandatory picture of the bird bath showing approximately how much snow we got.  We actually got more than this - it piled up too high for the bird bath to be accurate.

Eryn at the front door coming out to help me shovel.

Writing her name in the snow.  Later, the dog would help her.

The dog likes to pretend she's a mole or a groundhog.

She loves the snow.  Loves it.  Even if it's 17 below (like it was today), she's happy bounding around the snow banks until she's covered head to foot.

Told you Luna wanted to help with the writing.  She's really taken to Eryn lately.  They're good friends most of the time.

Luna as a snowplow.  That's not our cat behind her, just a cat sculpture in the "garden".

Ice dams on the roof and the joys of a lot of wind coupled with a lot of snow.

Eryn and Luna in the front yard.

A view from the fourth floor.  We drove over to the corporate kids' holiday party, despite the snow.  It was earlier in the day, so the Ford Fiesta was capable of the drive.  If it had been later, we'd have been in a bit of trouble.  Apparently enough people skipped that they were handing out the kids' gifts today at work.

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