Thursday, November 25, 2010


A pleasant day.  We had two turkeys for only one turkey's worth of visitors.  One uncle, one father in law, one mother in law, a sister in law and family, one grandma-in-law, my sister and her family, and Cookie Queen and family much later.  So fifteen eaters, nineteen people total.  Twenty if you include the dog.

I'm currently eating leftovers in the form of little whole grain bread open-faced sandwiches with turkey and cheddar.

We had the usual Texas Hold 'Em games, $3 a game.  I won the first two, largely in part to three of my first four hands being A-A, A-A, K-K.  But I ended the day only $3 up.  I always donate my winnings to the Eagan food shelf, so at least they made something off my early luck.

Otherwise, I'm thankful for the Black Ops Call of Duty game Ming gave me for my birthday.  I played quite a bit of it today, and I like the greatly expanded challenges, the medals, and the larger maps.  At first, I thought I was a horrible player, because I kept dying so much, but when I was able to by myself an assault weapon upgrade, I became much more skilled.  I don't understand the whole exploding RC car thing at all. I try to drive it toward someone, and all I manage to do is drive in a straight line while someone sneaks up behind me and caps me.

And I'm thankful Mark taught me about some new apps for the iPad.  However, every time I look at Felicia Day in the RSS reader, the app crashes.  That's no good.  I only get as far as picture 10 out of 27.  I'm not thankful for that at all.

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