Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My Favorite IPad Apps

  • Flipboard - for twitter feeds and blog like newpaperishness.
  • Netflix - for movies, although I wish the iPad was about 30% louder, more ergonomic, and easier to see in the sunlight.
  • Twitter - because Twitter didn't make any sense on my pc or blackberry, but it does on an iPad. The app is easier to use for posting and looking at friends than Flipboard is, and I use it to retweet things I like to the right hand side of the blog.
  • Dropbox - I even carry work files around so I can show diagrams and I can edit them from most of my machines.
  • TED - we've queued up lectures on the Future of UI, 12 Pairs of Legs, The World's Oldest Living Things, Optical Illusions, How Bacteria Talk, The Design of the Universe, 10 Things You Didn't Know About Orgasm, The Hunt for a Supermassive Black Hole, Militant Atheism, I Am My Connectome, and All Things are Moleeds. If it's tagged with the adjective "obnoxious", I'm likely to watch it.
  • Good Reader - because it handles zips from Dropbox that I'm likely to get at Code Camp.
  • Stack the States - state trivia for Eryn.
  • Cut the Rope - brain teasers involving cutting ropes
  • Angry Birds - silly, but fun - blow up pig castles with various sorts of birds. New as of today.
  • Star Walk - ultimately useless, but enjoyable for looking at the night sky.
  • Shredder - Eryn's, for learning Chess.
We have Kindle, and some other games, and Pandora loaded up as well, but so far the above apps are my favorites, with Flipbook and TED outstripping the rest. I suspect I can find a good guitar chord app somewhere and some math cards to round out what Eryn plays around with in the morning, although lately she's teaching herself to type on the Mac using a typing program she ordered and paid for herself.

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