Wednesday, October 13, 2010

High Water

Before Chilifest, we went down to the Minnesota River (what the hell...I went on RAGBRAI and to Elroy Sparta last year? I was a bigger slacker this year than I imagined) to check out the high water. Either Pooteewheet or I cross it on 77 every day, so it was obvious it was running high as it was touching the bottom of the old train/bicycling bridge. We went down to the frontage road near Eryn's old school (now bankrupt) and ran into this sign. The water was higher than I thought.

The model boat club is serious about their boating area. The water starts before you even enter.

Remember to turn right. Turn left, and you'll end up in the river.

Eryn. Where the sidewalk ends. Or the road.

A bird house suitable for ducks. Or fish.

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