Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spelling Dress

Eryn's new school has much harder homework. For their spelling test this week, they received a list of activities they could do for various point levels while studying. They have to do enough activities to score 30 points. The high-point option is to create your own clothing company. Eryn told Pooteewheet she wanted to sew a dress and Pooteewheet freaked out a little bit. I didn't get nearly as wound up. You can make most things in life from the remains of other things. Every culture in the world seems to do it better than we do, it just requires a need. I dug three shirts out of her closest that no longer fit and fulfilled Eryn's requirements that they be red, white and pink so she could make a Valentine's dress.

We had originally hoped to get LissyJo to use her sewing machine. But she was off at the cabin and Duluth. Fortunately for us. Because if we'd gone to visit, we might have caught her nasty case of viral meningitis. So while the Vikings were losing their second game of the season, Eryn and I hand sewed a Valentine's Day dress she could use to capture the words seasonal, manufactured, fabric, fashion, merchant, and five others.

It's not perfect. If you examine it closely you'll see an oversized stitch or two, or some of the ragged edge of the fabric poking out where I didn't quite get the edges aligned, particularly in the top where we started. We did better on the bottom. And if it's washed a few times, I think there's a pretty good chance it'll fall apart. But it suited her needs and that's about the amount of sewing I can manage, enough to be temporarily functional, but not pretty. Which makes me qualitatively 50% better than the Vikings who are neither temporarily functional nor pretty this season.

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