Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I'm at my sister's house sitting for the girls while she and her husband are out at dinner with some friends. When I got her Ame' was super crabby, and wouldn't even talk to me while Ceri was doing story time, even after I showed her the Dora purse and Mt. Rushmore book I'd brought her from Eryn and Pooteewheet.

LissyJo and Mr. LissyJo left, and there was a total meltdown. It went like this...

Cry (quietly). Cry (louder). Cry (really loud). Cry (excruciatingly loud). Next phase was, between crying, "Mommy. Mommy. Mommy!" Louder crying. Pause, seemingly for a reaction, then... "Ow!" Cry. "OW!!!!" I read my SCJP and drank the Dortmunder Gold I'd been left. Super loud crying and back to "Mommy", closer now, top of the steps.

Finally, "I....need....my.....mommy.....cuddle."

At which point I finally said something. "Mommy's not home, A. She's out for dinner with her friends. She won't be back for a few hours."

There was more sniffling and crying, and then finally A said, "I need a cuddle when I'm sad."

So I said, "C'mon down and sit in the chair and cuddle if you like."

So she did. And we talked about school and math (4 apples and 5 apples) and media class (singing only, no instruments), and Spanish after school (she had it today), and Eryn's homework (A says she doesn't have any yet). We talked some more and some more until she finally announced, "I'm tired now. I should go to bed."

As she walked upstairs, I said, "Night, honey. Thanks for talking to me about school."

"Night, night. Thank you for the cuddle. Love you."



Cookiequeen said...

Very sweet! Hey wait....your sister can go out to dinner with friends, but she can't come to work. Hmmmm.....

Anonymous said...

Oh, very cool! Sounds like Uncle Scooter handled this perfectly, and was well rewarded for it. -PTW

Anonymous said...

This was planned 3 mo ago (out-of-town friend in town for her 40th). Granted, the timing was bad (Ceri has a cold), but it was the longest I had sat upright in 9 days!