Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fischer's Orchard

Eryn went to an orchard with school and came back convinced that she needed Chestnut crab apples for her lunch. As she doesn't eat much in the way of fruit beyond apples, I'm all for substituting apples for goldfish crackers, even if it means a trip. So we went down to Fischer's Apple Orchard which, according to the webs, has Chestnut crab apples.

And a train. This looks very much like the Nisswa train I rode on the Paul Bunyan bike ride with Ming and Adam. Some of us never grow up.

Hey. Little girl. Yeah. You. Gimme that head baaa-nd. Hey. We match. See. We must be siblings. We can share stuff. Like your head baaa-nd. C'mon sis. It's my turn. I'll return it. Honest. After I ea....wear it.

Hey. Little girl. Don't trust that goat. Do you know what's black and white and full of lies? The Star Tribune! Oh, man. You thought I was going to say "The goat" didn't you? That shit is priceless. That's right, I'm a Republican you liberal hayseed. If we had a donkey, I'd argue with him, or get the elephant to stomp him, but they don't live here, so you'll have to do. This farm is my tea party. Red barn, baby. Red barn. None of that shades of purple crap. You can have an apple a day to keep the doctor away, but only if you approve individual health accounts and repeal O-baaaa-ma's law.

Whoa. I'm going to take this idea back to work. Multi-level cubes with a feed chute. I could just crank Mountain Dew up there a couple of times and day and everyone would be happy. The goats definitely understand the end result of the conveyor belt, if not how to build one.

Apples are actually very pretty in the fall. The trees were very full.

Not Chestnut Crabs (which are good), but some pretty fruit nonetheless.

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