Monday, September 13, 2010

Bike Classic

Yesterday I biked the St. Paul Bike Classic. 30 miles. We had an ok turnout, although nothing like in the past, despite that I email about 35 coworkers now. Sandy rode the 15 miler - she had a volleyball tournament she had to attend for one of her daughters, which I swore I said about 7 years ago. Alan, Ming and I rode the 30, with Logan and Eryn trailing on the tagalongs. I don't know about you, but dragging 75# of child up and down hills was exhausting. The only positive thing was that unlike last year, I wasn't trying to keep up with Alan and Ryan all by myself, which nearly killed me, even after RAGBRAI. It was much more subdued this year. But not having a lot of people along limited the humorous observations. My camera ran out of batteries, so that didn't help. End result, you don't get a picture of the 75 year old guy in short short light blue shorts and a tie dye half shirt. Damn is that ever a bad fashion choice.

Mean Mr. Mustard met up with us for the traditional breakfast at the St. Clair Broiler. No one believes me when I say wild rice is delicious in a ham and cheese omelet.

If you bump into Logan, it is now appropriate to refer to him as "Fourth Place". That's his new nickname. He told me that because he and Ming came in after Eryn and I, he was in second place. I pointed out that I was first, Eryn was second, Ming was third, and he was fourth. He didn't seem pleased. Later, I positioned my bike between Ming and Logan so that I was second and Eryn was fourth. That was greeted with a lot of "CHEATER!" Rightly so. But funny.

I really appreciated that I'm a 2XL this year. I was able to buy the last three years of long sleeve shirts for $3.33 a piece. I don't think I could get rags for that price.

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