Monday, July 26, 2010

What's In the Box?

It's so close to Kyle's birthday that when I saw this graphic novel at the comic book store, I almost bought it for him. It seems rife with innuendosity. But then two things struck me. 1.) If I'm going to spend $19.99 (and it seems cheaper on Amazon) on a Jennifer Love Hewitt work, I'd get him the book that explains how to vajazzle like Jennifer. I think he could figure out the rudiments of penazzling by inference. 2.) Jennifer Love Hewitt's box is completely in the way of one of her finer assets. Two of her finer assets, depending on how you approach it.

A good, strange, gift should combine some practicality with the novelty. This has novelty, but by putting the box in the way, it destroys some of the practicality. For example, when Kyle gave me the Olivia Munn magazine. Novel. Yet full of good pictures of Olivia and all sorts of good reading, both about Olivia, by Olivia, and marginally related to Olivia in that some articles were just from magazines she likes. Practical. Or the Banana Bunkers or Menorah Game I gave Mean Mister Mustard. Humorous. Yet practical.

So Kyle. No Jennifer Love Hewitt's box for your birthday. I'll look for something better.


kyle said...

Why is it spelled 'vajazzle' instead of vagazzle? Wouldn't that make more sense from an entomological standpoint? Or is the spelling more in keeping with the spelling of other words like, for example, mcvaj?

Scooter said...

British vs. US English perhaps? Maybe the Brits call it Vagassle.

Cookiequeen said...

Seriously - ouch and who the heck has time to do that??