Saturday, July 10, 2010


There have been a dozen Bud Lights in the fridge since my 40th (really, 41st) birthday party. No one has been willing to drink them, and they're taking up a shelf that might otherwise be used for rotting food. So tonight I had a few of them in an attempt to clear up space without wasting them by just dumping them in the sink. What I didn't expect was a flashback to playing board games, specifically Axis and Allies and Shogun, at Dan'l's uncle's farm and his other uncle Bill's kitchen. When I gave it some thought, I realized that it hasn't been a long time since I had cheap beer, but it's definitely a long time between them, and the time of my life I drank the most of them in any one sitting was way back then. It didn't take too long to get away from Miller and Bud and move to Molson, then Molson Golden, and then to anything that wasn't an American lager.

Then again, maybe it's partially because I'm watching "I Love You, Beth Cooper" (not a very good movie, by the way) and they keep driving around for 80% of the movie, which also reminds me of high school and immediately after high school, which is when I drank crappy beer (although no one I ran with had a Hummer or a cabin). And it's a Christopher Columbus movie, so all the stars are aligning.

Maybe it's just bad beer.

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