Saturday, July 24, 2010

Burqa Revurka (furtherest down piece is nsfw)

My internet perusal for burqa-related information led me to two other items as well that I felt compelled to share. #1 if work safe. #2 is not. I shall drop another post on top so you don't have to look at the not safe for work (nsfw) Zhaan if your boss is around.

The reverse burqa or reverqa:

A more disturbing revurka, from Hodja (specific post):


Kyle said...

Hey the blue woman is kicking it old school on a classic Stingray (or at least Stingray-style) bike! I'm pretty sure Stingray bikes give you street cred amongst the hipster set these days.

Matthew's got a Stingray bike I could borrow for you if you ever want to reenact this scene as a form of political commentary. I probably won't tell him you'll be using it while naked but for a layer of tempera paint though. That might be a deal breaker.

Larry Rubinow said...

Wow. Zhaan has really let herself go.