Friday, July 09, 2010

Brad Turns 40

Eryn, Pooteewheet and I went to Mears Park last night to listen to Communist Daughter and Molly Dean and celebrate Brad's 40th birthday.

Communist Daughter - "Not the Kid" from Spencer Wells on Vimeo.

Amusingly, in my Outlook calendar at work it says "Brad's Birthday" and then includes the note "He was 30 in 2000". One more sign that I'm getting old. And so is Brad. We had a good time, although we should have brought lawn chairs as that's acceptable at Mears. Sitting on the wet, cut grass was vaguely uncomfortable. Eryn liked the faux stream that runs through the park and has rocks for crossing it at various places. She managed to get her feet wet despite the rocks being about as big as she is.

For Brad's 40th, we got him a coin to cover his poker cards. That way, when he flops the nuts, no one accidentally mucks his cards.

Here's the front:

And the back:

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