Monday, June 28, 2010

Org Chart Mayhem

I created a visual org chart for my group and the other group in my space during our first reorganization, and last Friday I updated it to reflect the new organization. Originally, there were four leads with direct reports and a group of college students. After the last reorgnization, there were four leads, the college group, and a new group that's sort of unrelated to our core mission. Additionally, most of the leads picked up a new person, and one of my leads picked up several extra core people. When I laid it all out, it looked sort of like this.

Which, fortunately before distributing, but after printing, I realized would look like this upside down.
Believe me when I say it looked even worse with people, and despite no one having seven fingers, it was very obvious what it looked like. I pictured 19 direct reports hanging their org charts upside down on their cabinets and defensively proclaiming, "But Scooter sent it to me! I can't help it if we have bad tape!" I split the center line into two lines to avoid the issue.


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Ha, looks like it didn't work out as well as you would have hoped. I recommend checking out Lucidchart next time you are creating one. It is a great web based tool that allows real time collaboration with others.