Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eryn, Bridesmaid

When we were at the Jelly Belly factory in Wisconsin, there was a girl standing next to us in line that had a shirt on that said "Bridesmaid Eryn". Eryn's not a very common name. You certainly can't find it on keychains and coffee cups, much to Eryn's dismay and the benefit of our pocketbook. So it was exciting to meet someone who not only had the name, but had it displayed prominently on her shirt. Not that Eryn's don't exist. There's Eryn Brooke: actress, model, singer, dancer. And even another namesake. And I know from talking to people at work, that there are even other Eryn's immediately related to coworkers. HOWEVER...most of this Eryn, Sydney, etc stuff is based on trying to find a unique name by substituting a Y where normally there would be an I. That's it. End of story. That is not why Eryn's name is Eryn. I realized I had never really mentioned this, and it's probably important to note for when she gets older.

You see. Eryn's name is absolute, well, only slightly diluted, geekdom. Her name has nothing to do with liking Erin and dropping in a Y. It has to do with liking the science fiction show Farscape, in particular the character played by Claudia Black (yum), and Pooteewheet telling me it wasn't ok to name her Aeryn because teachers and classmates would call her Ay-rin, or Ay-ear-in. So the compromise was to drop the initial A and proceed as though we weren't uber-nerds. I'm still slightly disappointed we didn't use the A, because other Aeryn's exist, so it wouldn't have been that peculiar.

I quote from Wikipedia:

"Aeryn Sun (pronounced /ˈɛrɪn sʊn/), played by Claudia Black, is a former Peacekeeper pilot and officer. Although she appears to be human, she is in fact Sebacean, a species indistinguishable from humans in external appearance. At the time John Crichton appears through a wormhole in the beginning of the series, Officer Aeryn Sun is in her Prowler battling to retake the Leviathan Moya, which has been seized by escaping prisoners Ka D'Argo, Rygel, and Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan.

However, Aeryn's prowler is caught up in the stream of Moya's starburst and is towed along with the escaping Leviathan. Aeryn is brought on board Moya as a prisoner, but when she and Crichton encounter her commanding officer Captain Crais, she defends John from Crais' allegation that John deliberately attacked and killed Crais' brother, saying he isn't brave enough or smart enough to have done so. In return, Crais declares her to be "irreversibly contaminated" from spending too much time with an unknown life form, which means a death sentence. John Crichton and D'Argo soon escape the Peacekeepers again and, having nowhere else to go, Aeryn reluctantly becomes a fugitive alongside them.

Aboard Moya, she learns to think beyond the strict, militaristic confines of her Peacekeeper upbringing. Born in service aboard a Command Carrier, it is the only life she has known, and thus is very well skilled in hand-to-hand and weapons combat. She also becomes a valuable and important member of Moya's crew, and a companion and romantic interest to Crichton during the series. It is only after leaving the Peacekeepers that she can begin to find out about her parentage. In season three she discovers that her mother, Xhalax Sun, was a Peacekeeper pilot who—against Peacekeeper regulations—fell in love with an older officer, Talyn Lyczac. They deliberately had Aeryn, a child born of love, and Xhalax sneaks into Aeryn's dormitory one night to tell her so, which is strictly against regulations. To redeem her crime, Xhalax was forced by the Peacekeepers to choose between the two, and she executed Talyn so that Aeryn could live.

Aeryn evolves from a cold, detached soldier into a valuable friend and crewmate. Her relationship with John Crichton evolves also, Aeryn ultimately becoming a compassionate wife and loving mother in the end of the show. They name their son D'Argo Sun-Crichton, after their dear friend who seemingly lost his life in the Peacekeeper Wars."

Our daughter should be happy I like warrior women, which saved her from being called Zhaan.

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