Monday, May 24, 2010

Town Hall

I've been at Town Hall twice in the last two weeks. That's as many times as the last two months. Actually, probably more than the last six months. I went with the Tech Ops guys right after WRAP (our release process), and with our training guy and a few people from my group (extended) last week (when Greg-not-in-the-picture-below got a $42 parking ticket at what was probably 5:59 p.m. when the metering for the block ceased at 6:00). I snapped this picture of Greg.

It was an interesting visit in that after we'd arrived, three ladder trucks and about six other fire trucks appeared and tried to wedge themselves into the seven corners area, which is designed to accommodate two ladder trucks at most, if they don't have a posse. After much tado, it appeared that they were there to rescue the jumper on the top of the Holiday overlooking the patio where we were drinking. Many people stopped to stare up, concerned about his well being. When he was done doing the phone work on the upper level, he unstrapped his safety gear and went inside. Oops.

There were some real jumpers in the vicinity. A colony of tent caterpillars was involved in a diaspora immediately over our table. We spent quite a bit of time shooing them away. Knocking them out of the air as they rappelled down, and covering our beer when they cut loose to drop the last few feet. When the opportunity presented itself, we piled them neatly for the birds.

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