Thursday, May 27, 2010


I believe this word, personomous, is my creation. I consider it to be like occuponomous, but wider in scope. Whereas occuponomous refers to someone whose name sounds like their occupation - e.g. an OB/GYN named Dr. Hymen, personomous refers to a name that potentially describes the person in more general terms. That is, it refers to any portion of the persona. So, if your last name is Wow or Super, you might well be a great person. Ming says he's personomous because of his middle name for reasons having to do with being put in all sorts of uncomfortable positions for lots of different people. We debated whether Mean Mr. Mustard's last name was personomous, as it's composed of three words that could be construed as the immediate need to self-pleasure or to be a frotteurist. We might have to ask some of those people with whom he drinks morning coffee to determine which aspect fits best.

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Unknown said...

I just invented this word too! And then I googled it. I wrote this: "We no longer vote anonymously, we vote personously." I found your post! And I meant something similar- I got a BA in Media Arts and persona was a huge part of my thesis. I was using personomous to being in reference to their persona, ie their mediated identity. Its so cool to find someone else who found this word out there in the aether. Talk about signs of a renaissance! Where are you?