Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On Sunday we went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to check out Eryn, Pooteewheet, and my father in law's paintings at Foot in the Door 4. There are several rooms floor-to-ceiling full of approximately 1x1' art and each room has a table to display the non-wall style art (sculptures/etc). Some of it is downright strange. Like the Eagle Baby.

Or like this toast. It's important to understand when your hobby becomes a true art form.

Or this pig, checking out this other pig decorated with arms.

My sister in law and niece examining the art.

What is this saying? That barbies are like candy you get if you pay your money? Eryn has a gumball machine. I told her she should put some thought into what she'd put in it.

GOATSE!!!!! It's art!

Eryn and I looking at some of the paintings.

My father in law's painting.


RandomThoughts said...
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Mac Noland said...

Could you buy drugs there?

Scooter said...

You're in a strange mood today, Mac.