Monday, March 22, 2010


There are a few things they don't tell you about Legos Robot NXT 2.0 sets out of the box:

1.) if you have a newer copy of the MacIntosh OS (e.g. Snow Leopard) you should download a ruby program to prep the program install.
2.) Clear off a completely clear and very expansive surface as some of the pieces are small and it takes only moments to lose them. Afterwards, you'll worry the cat is playing with them, or the dog has eaten them.
3.) There are six batteries in the block. Not because it take six batteries to power the whole robot, but because there are two batteries for port a, two for port b, and two for port c. If two of your batteries are low on power, the robot works, but he's gimpy in one leg and spins in circles.
4.) It's ok to build a robot without your child around. She's excited to have one complete and be able to use the programming GUI to tell it to say "education goodbye" in a loop. Control flow as a basic logic structure, check.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to father hood! Make that 3 and it gets interesting. Dad