Sunday, March 21, 2010

No Wheels

Actually, two less wheels than before. I took off Eryn's training wheels, despite her protestations, on Friday. By today, with only minimal practice, she was a natural. Grandpa and Grandma sent some money for a new bicycle for her birthday, which she's shopping for tomorrow, which means she'll be riding a full-sized bicycle. So I thought I'd better get her prepped for something without training wheels before it arrived. It seems strange that I didn't have to throw her down the street without supervision, or slam her into a car, or subject her to ripped jeans and lots of scabs to get her up to speed. After all, that's what my father did to me. I fondly remember the day he gave me a push and I ended up sprawled across the trunk of a parked car. I allude to that in the video below.

A discussion of Grandpa John's training techniques:

No training wheels.

Three places at once!!!

Luna, watching as Eryn learns to ride. She hates being tied to the chair (as is obvious if you watch the video).


Anonymous said...

I think your memory is hazy over the years! Your Mother and I talked about taking your bike away from you as you did not understand a brake! We were sure that you would hurt yourself.
Even if your father steered you into three buildings, it doesn't explain the multitude of other times you ran into things. You just didn't understand brakes.

LissyJo said...

Hmm..That technique sounds like the one andrew used on me. I remember andrew being pleased he "taught me" how to ride a bike, and i was giving the silent treatme to andrew (but he didn't notice).

Amelie is really itching to learn how to ride her bike without training wheels and i have a feeling we're headed to scraped knees and egos.