Tuesday, March 09, 2010


I haven't been blogging lately. While I can blame part of it on Call of Duty Modern Warfare (for the Wii), I have to blame at least two days on being itchy. As near as I can tell, two days ago the itchiness, which rapidly turned into stomach cramps and overwhelming tiredness, was brought on by some sort of nut associated with the hot chocolate set from Penzy's Mean Mr. Mustard gave me for my 41st birthday. I grated a little into my hot chocolate per instructions. New nut...new liminal allergy. Figures.

Yesterday, it seemed to be a product of a spider bite. A spider bite I got at work. I'd blame Ryan for bringing the little bastard from downtown to the burb offices, but I got the bite shortly before he showed up, not shortly after. It was (actually, it is) on the back of my left hand, by the thumb and pointer finger. Couple of hours later, the itchiness it caused spread from my hand to my arm. A few hours later, both arms. By 9:00 p.m. it was my whole body. Then I was exhausted from itching and went to bed.

I seem fine today, although I can still see the spider bite, and some of the nut is still sitting down here by the computer where I left it after staring at it to see if it would give up the secret to its itchiness causing powers.


Larry Rubinow said...

I'd sue me anyway. Better safe than sorry.

Kyle said...

Was it a whole nutmeg that was included with your hot chocolate set? How exotic!

Mac Noland said...

Ryan came to Eagan and didn't stop by the Cobalt Chaos to say hi? Disappointed to say the least.

And Scooter, you're 41? Given your fancy for geocaching, I was putting you no older than seven.