Monday, March 29, 2010

Annoying Orange

While Eryn and I were looking for Legos Mindstorms videos on YouTube, we happened across these Annoying Orange videos. Something like 11 million people have seen them - or at least one person eleven million times - but they were new to us and we enjoyed them (including Pooteewheet). I'm partial to the TOE-MAY-TOE episode.

The Annoying Orange 1

The Annoying Orange 2 - Pumpkin

The Annoying Orange 3 - TOE-MAY-TOE

The Annoying Orange 4 - Sandy Claus

The Annoying Orange 5 - More Annoying Orange

The Annoying Orange 6 - Super Bowl Football


Anonymous said...

Logan is having a hysterical laughing fit on the floor! He was particularly fond of "Jingle Bells, batman smells...I just crapped my pants."

Scooter said...

Glad you enjoyed them. G from my group said one of his kids walked around all evening saying "Hey Apple. Hey Apple."