Tuesday, February 09, 2010


From the Arizona Star, "Collision". That's my father in the article below, restricting traffic after a van ran over him and his motorcycle yesterday. The collision cracked his helmet and totaled his motorcycle. The driver (who just pulled out of a gas station without looking or pausing - that doesn't seem to be uncommon in Tucson and wider Arizona) didn't have insurance (and reportedly this isn't his first accident without insurance). Fortunately, my father sounds to be ok. But their recent total is, a.) house robbed, b.) truck (a big pickup, for pulling the trailer, boat, motorcycle) pilfered, c.) motorcycle totaled by uninsured motorist. Nothing like having all your property screwed with at once.
A two-vehicle collision involving a motorcycle and a minivan has restricted eastbound traffic on Arizona 86 at Three Points, officials with the Department of Public Safety said.

The collision occurred just after 5 p.m. on Arizona 86 at the Arizona 286 Junction.

The motorcyclist is thought not to have sustained serious injuries because he was walking around after the incident, DPS spokesman Officer Robert Lee Bailey said.


Bill Roehl said...

I'm glad he's ok. Let me know if your father is willing to put me up when I go down there to kick the motorist in the face a few times.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I certainly hope he's ok. Does he need a good attorney? I'm sure he can find a good one on Findlaw :)