Friday, January 22, 2010

Another List of Science Fiction

Hmm...I have to disagree that there's no need to draw a line between fantasy and science fiction. My friend Klund, he prefers the fantasy books. Me, I prefer the sci fi. And it's not a slight preference. Far and away I read more sci fi, or at least a wider range of it if not sheer pages (my doubt lies squarely at the feet of Tad Williams, whose Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series is one of the great wastes of time in my life, despite some people feeling it belongs in a top 100 list), than I do fantasy. I like both. But I like many so-so sci fi books better than I like some good fantasy books (at least what I've heard is supposed to be good fantasy).

But ThisRecording (via Fimoculous) at least has an eclectic top 100, which I respect and am intrigued by, despite my disagreements about Jurassic Park and anything by Anne McCaffrey. The fact that Roald Dahl's "Danny the Champion of the World" list, makes it unique as far as I'm concerned. I may have to check out some Jack Vance and Gene Wolfe, just to see what he's excited about.


klund said...

I think one thing this shows is that there is just SO DAMN MUCH TO READ. How many brilliant books have I not read yet? And never will?

Right now I'm plowing through the "Percy Jackson & The Olympians" series. A) I want to have read them before I bring Koleman to see it in the theater. B) Clearly a Harry Potter inspired series, but that's not all bad.

I've never read a Phillip K. Dick book. Does that make me a terrible person? Which one should I read first?

Scooter said...

Ubik (though the plot might feel recycled it's been ripped off so many times).

The Man in the High Castle.

Bladerunner (Do Android's Dream of Electric Sheep - but you can just watch it ;)

You've probably seen Total Recall and Minority Report. Fewer people have seen Screamers. If Dick had lived instead of going insane, thinking he'd been possessed by Elijah, and writing an enormous book about God talking to him, he'd have been a very rich man.

After Ubik and Man In the High Castle, I'd probably choose this collection of short stories. Personally, I'd avoid A Scanner Darkly, Valais, and anything that strays far from pure SciFi: