Monday, December 28, 2009

Jabba the Snow Hut

I think my back still hurts from shoveling snow. I have a snowblower, but it's of dubious value until I get it fixed or get a new one, so when the big storm came through I shoveled. Perhaps five times, I lost count, if you don't count the shoveling I did at my sister's house on Christmas Eve, or the two shovelings my Dad did while I was away from the house. My favorite was coming back Christmas Day to the plowed in end of the driveway that had a mixture of ice and water six feet by three feet by about twelve feet. Each shovel full was a forty pound effort that leaked water and salt all over my shoes as it poured through the crack in my plastic scoop.

I wonder if my boneless snowman at my sister's house managed to soak up enough water to freeze in place before they could remove him. He reminded me of Jabba the Hut. I should have found some little Leia-like critter to chain to him.

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