Friday, December 18, 2009


Pooteewheet and I went to El Burrito Mercado for lunch, and then out to dinner at Heartland for our sixteenth anniversary, followed by the 2009 British Television Advertising Awards at the Walker, courtesy of some tickets I won from work (they're sponsoring the show). They're obviously sponsoring it for the R-folks, because that was a younger, hipper, crowd than I'm used to seeing at my place of employment.

Dinner at Heartland was positively delicious. If you don't include the two beers, courtesy appetizer (duck liver I believe), fancy breads (pepper rye and some sort of darker cherry), or sweet champagne (which they gave us for asking us to move to a smaller table as a group from Coherence was showing up), I ate the following, plus bits from Pooteewheet's wild acres farm free range chicken with organic broccoli, cranberry poultry glace and parsley root fondant, Wisconsin golden potato-leek cream soup with fried leeks, and Gateau marjolaine with red currant coulis, Aquavit sabayon and black current curd):
  • Singerhouse Farm rabbit loin with cranberry-bacon compote, pain de mie toast and apple cider-shallot sauce
  • Money Creek Ranch wild boar roast with caramelized onion potato purée and tart cherry glace de viande
  • Autumn fruit galette with sorghum syrup gelato, a honey oat Florentine tuile and autumn fruit caramel
I think that means I ate duck, chicken, boar, rabbit and pig today. I'd be a horrible vegetarian, despite the variety of plants mixed into all of those dishes.

Happy Anniversary, Pooteewheet!

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Yummy, yummy, yummy, I've got fun in my tummy... -PTW