Friday, December 11, 2009

Bits and Pieces

A couple of bits and pieces from my last week...

Eryn and I had breakfast at Junior's in Eagan. The waiter told Eryn she was sitting in a seat that had just been vacated by someone famous and let her think about it for a second before telling her the star in questions was...Tony Fly! Apparently he wasn't familiar with Eryn's terror of all individuals who look like Stone Cold Steve Austin (that's a blow up of Tony Fly in 2005, not Steve Austin).

A woman in my neighborhood has a vanity plate that reads "JAMGRL". That's not appropriate.

We "organizationally aligned" at work this week and my team grew about eight-fold. We're supposed to be "coding across the stack" (I think both of those phrases probably deserve quotes), and thus refer to the new groups as verticals. One of my leads decided to create a new email group in the format AT_VERTICAL_LASTNAME. He jokingly suggested I ask to have it standardized across all the managers, knowing full well that this would result in one manager having the email group AT_VERTICAL_DICK.

While I was in the coffee line this morning, I noticed a young, pneumatic, woman in a draped top waiting for her coffee at the secondary Caribou counter. While she had a few minutes, she was trying to attach her corporate badge to her top where the drape was. This was an enjoyable two minutes as she would clip it on, it would drag her top down a few inches, she'd snatch it off, adjust, try a new spot, have her top sink in a new place, repeat, repeat, repeat.

This morning, mid-shave, I went to tell Luna (the dog) "down" while she was bugging Eryn at the couch. As I stepped over the baby gate to keep her out of the computer room and cat's bathroom, I tripped and fell down. I thought Luna was rushing over to ensure I was ok, but instead she immediately started licking the shaving cream off the blade of my safety razor.

Someone at work accidentally sent an email to a group that was comprised of about 500+ coworkers. There was the usual flurry of "why am I getting this", "my email is filling up" and "don't send this to everyone!" replies to all, followed by some enjoyably snarky "I concur", "I concur too" and "I should have concurred too!" After it was over for about 30 minutes, a straggler sent yet another email complaining that people were filling up his box by replying to all. The very last email was an exact replica of that email. I think the mockery was probably lost of the second to last sender. NO MOCKIES!

I was behind two people at work, they seemed to be a couple despite a lack of rings, who spent several minutes discussing which one of them had the cutest laugh. Really? I wanted to yell, "I do!" and then laugh like an idiot, but I think I would have been violating the safe and respectful workplace rules.

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