Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Managerial Style Advice

Again, I paraphrase. But this is very close...

Brady (developer): "Were you at Target last week?"

Me (manager): "I'm not sure. Usually my wife goes to Target. But I do end up there sometimes."

Brady: "The Eagan Target?"

Me: "That's the one I go to. I live near it."

Brady: "I thought I saw you there."

Me: "It might have been me."

Brady: "No. I thought it was you. But this guy was wearing a green sort of pull over."

Me: "Like a Mexican pullover?"

Brady: "Yeah. That wouldn't have been you."

Me: "I own a green pullover. My friend bought it for me because I couldn't find one in Mexico that fit me."

Brady: Uncomfortable silence. "Oh. That was you."

Apparently I need to put on my manager clothes even when I'm shopping.


Anonymous said...

Funny, but I knew exactly which pullover he was talking about. I have a lot of time to think now.

cookiequeen said...

Good thing he didn't see you out at a bar!

She says said...

Good thing you weren't wearing your Marvin the Martian jacket!