Friday, November 27, 2009


Pooteewheet and I took Eryn to see 2012 in the theater. She'd expressed an interest back when the previews were on t.v. and after much deliberation I felt if it were anything like Independence Day, she'd be fine. We talked about how things would explode and that people would die, but for the most part they'd die from far away, falling into crevices, being crushed by buildings, and the like.

She had a great time, although it could have been about 38 minutes shorter for her tastes. 2.5 hours is a long time for a six year old to sit still. She had many questions about 2012 and why the world would be ending. I explained that they just hadn't bothered to calculate the calendar any further out than that. She asked, "because the world will end?" And I said, "No. How far out does our calendar go?"

Eryn: "100 years?"

Me: "Have you seen a calendar for next year yet?"

Eryn: "For 2010? No."

Me: "I guess the world is going to end before next year."

Eryn: "I get it."

Her favorite part was the scene from the trailer where the skyscrapers slam into each other and disintegrate as the plane flies between them, rather than over them. At the risk of spoiling it for you, it was a very uplifting movie for a net-end-of-world population of less than 500,000, or put another way, for approximately 4.4995 billion people dying.

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