Thursday, October 29, 2009

On Australians and Mermaids

  • Murray: You know, guys, in the old days the sailors used to fall for them. Yeah? They hadn't seen a woman for weeks and the Australians would lure them to the bottom of the sea and they'd DROWN.
  • Bret: Oh..that's mermaids!
  • Jermaine: That's mermaids you're thinking of.
  • Murray: Is it?
  • Bret: It's not Australians.
  • Murray: Yeah...well, the Australian ones were the worst.
  • -From 'Flight of the Conchords,' season 2, episode 5 "Unnatural Love"


LissyJo said...

I see you girls looking at my junk, then checking out my rump, then back to my sugar lumps...

She says said...

Isn't your niece an Australian mermaid?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the older one is.