Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mr. Pink

She Says asked me to donate to her cause, The Walk for Hope (that's her donation page), "a national breast cancer walk that supports breast cancer research, treatment and education at City of Hope, a National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center. The event is family oriented and a great way to get involved in the fight against this terrible disease," which she's walking tomorrow.

I know I'm horrible for making fun of anything breast cancer related, but hopefully my donation and giving space to breast cancer on the blog gives me a little leeway. I have to state that I find She Say's Mr. Pink donation graphic to be a bit risque'. Particularly after we donated. It appears I'm stimulating the cause. And I worry those tic marks represent inches.


She says said...

A bit risque? Downright upright phallic, complete with pulsing little pink things!

I don't know who designed the graphic, but the jokes about supporting research to pump up the meter are rife... which would make anyone who donated a fluffer, right?

So, thanks for the generous donation, my fluffer friend. Because, for some things, size does matter.

Scooter said...

Be careful. You'll set my sister and brother in law off thinking about how they used the word "fluffer" in front of my father on RAGBRAI.

She says said...

It's all about context... but once the seed is planted, it's there for good.

So the next time you're at the grocery store walking down the jelly aisle, try not to crack up when you see the marshmallow fluff stuff.

Because doesn't everyone want a fluffer-nutter?